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One of large company in Sri Lanka who do (Dry foliage) we are a whole sales of Dry botanical fresh foliages, rooted plants, tissue cultured plants, Driftwood, fish feeds, Dry pods etc.


Organic Farming

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Catappa leaves

These leaves of the Terminalia catappa tree are especially popular in the betta and shrimp hobby as a natural medicine and water conditioner. They are said to help combat fungus and bacterial problems like finrot, and prevent stress by mimicking the natural habitat.

Caladium Lindenii

Caladium lindenii ‘Magnificum’ is a cultivar of the species Caladium lindenii. It is differentiated from this species by having more pronounced veins on the leaves that are a creamy white coloration. The cultivar grows from a rhizome and is commonly grown as an ornamental plant.

Syngonium Neon

Syngonium podophyllum “Neon” has arrowhead shaped leaves in a vivid pink color. . It grows upright when young but will trail or climb as it gets older. It will make a beautiful hanging basket. This tropical makes a great house plant and will tolerate lower light

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